To ensure topics and content at Futures Forum are as relevant as possible, the agenda is steered by our Futures Council – made up of some of the most exciting young executives in the industry – alongside affiliated associations, and the ILMC team.

For 2023, the Council has grown to 16 members, representing a wider spread of ages, backgrounds, specialisations, and industry sectors – imbuing Futures Forum with an even broader wealth of expertise and experience ahead of its third edition.

This year’s Council is Alexandra Ampofo (Metropolis Music), Clara Cullen (Music Venue Trust), Dotun Bolaji (Runway), Flo Noseda (Wasserman Music), Kedist Bezabih (GoodLive Artists), Lisa Henderson (IQ Magazine), Nastassja Roberts (DreamHaus), Seny Kassaye (Fort Agency), Stella Scocco (Södra Teatern), Théo Quiblier (TAKK), Will Holdoway (Method Events), and Zoe Williamson (United Talent Agency).