Room One
17:00 - 18:00

With the scramble to get live music back on the road in 2022, how many of us have had time to consider what’s coming? Between the accelerating evolution of artificial intelligence (ChatGPT anyone?), virtual worlds, remote work, climate change and sustainability, and society and culture in general, is the live music business fit and prepared for our fast-approaching future?

This year’s Hot Seat session takes an alternative twist as we invite futurist, author, and film-maker, Gerd Leonhard, to share his vision for the next decade and what it means for the live music business. The author of five books including The Future of Music, and Technology vs. Humanity, Gerd is a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts in London, and the CEO of The Futures Agency in Zürich, Switzerland. And while his roots are in music, as first a stagehand on several German tours in the early ’80s, and then a two-year stint at Berklee College, then a professional musician, Gerd’s insight into humanity, technology, and the future are now world-renowned.

This unique keynote will be the first time that Gerd shares his observations and foresights on the future of the touring and festival worlds – so expect standing-room only during 60 unmissable minutes.

Gerd Leonhard
The Futures Agency (DE/CH)