Room Two
15:30 - 16:30
CHAIR: Marlen Hüllbrock, Music Ally (UK)

From livestreaming to the metaverse, in-game performances and virtual shows, the speed of growth in online live shows and festivals is dramatic. While livestreaming’s ascendance accelerated during the pandemic, the level of investment in virtual performance spaces is substantial. So what opportunities do these new platforms and formats offer to the in-person live music sector, and how can they co-exist to drive new revenue streams and opportunities for artists and their teams?

We invite innovators and big thinkers involved in the space to discuss…


Marlen Hüllbrock
Music Ally (UK)
Lucy Bell
Driift (UK)
Jeff Pezzuti
Eyellusion (US)
Roman Rappak
Ristband / Miro Shot (UK)
Cyril Zajac
Omnilive (FR)