Room One
11:30 - 12:45
Chair: Jessica Koravos
Oak View Group International (UK)

Shaking off the cobwebs of the Covid storm, the ticketing sector has roared back to life in 2022. And with the return of on-sales and demand, dynamic pricing has been adopted by many artists in a bid to thwart scalpers and retain otherwise lost income. Alongside increasingly varied VIP packages and upsells, it’s clear that defining what a ticket costs is no longer an easy answer. So how does variable pricing, packaging and pre-sales ensure full houses and happy crowds? What’s next for resale? And how is demand holding up in a cost-of-living crisis? A panel of specialists bring us up to speed.


Jessica Koravos
Oak View Group International
Noel Edwards
The Ticket Factory (UK)
Paul Newman
AXS Europe Ltd (UK)
Andrew Parsons
Ticketmaster (UK)
Marcia Titley
Eventim Norway & Sweden