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ILMC hosts a series of roundtable working lunches, each dedicated to a different topic with ten delegates per session. Hosted by subject matter experts and with everyone at the table encouraged to be part of the conversation, it’s 60 minutes to enjoy a five-star, sit-down buffet lunch, make new acquaintances, and contribute to the conversation.

To book a place on a Working Lunch (maximum 10 delegates each), click here.

Grassroots Promoting

Host: Mark Davyd, Music Venue Trust (UK)

Mark is the founder and CEO of Music Venue Trust and co-owner of Tunbridge Wells Forum, a venue founded in a toilet over 30 years ago. He leads the charity and its fundraising, its relationships with governments, media, major cultural institutions, and the music industry. Join Mark for an hour of hot debate on the current climate of the grassroots music sector and grassroots promoting.

Parents & Carers in the Live Music Industry

Host: Lucy Noble, AEG (UK)

Join AEG’s new artistic director, flute player, and mother to talk about what it’s like to be a parent, carer, or even an expecting parent in the live music industry. How do you manage parenting alongside working in one of the busiest industries? Tuck in, and let’s discuss…

Trans and Non-Binary Inclusivity in the Music Industry

Host: Saskhia Menendez, Diversity Ambassador (UK)

Meet Saskhia Menendez, an equality and diversity ambassador, researcher, mentor, public speaker, and social change activist across the music industry. How often do you or your business actively try to include Trans and Non-Binary people when hiring for a job vacancy, putting together a panel, or booking a festival lineup? Saskhia can help educate, advise, and discuss allyship, terminology, what it means to be Transgender, and share some real lived experiences of Trans people in the music industry.

Assistant Alliance

Host: Helen Rabbitt, ITB (UK)

Everyone knows that assistants are the bread and butter that hold it all together. Assistants, this is your time to put your phones down and meet fellow comrades and put names to faces from across the globe. Helen Rabbitt from ITB, who has worked with an array of top music agents over the years, is keen to hear your stories, trade tips, talk about this summer’s festival lineups (the announced ones only, of course) and build the fellowship.

LIVE (Live music Industry, Venues & Entertainment)

Host: Jon Collins, LIVE (UK)

Meet LIVE: Jon Collins, CEO of the UK’s live music trade umbrella LIVE hosts a working lunch to discuss the key campaign topics on the agenda currently and hear from delegates about how the organisation can better serve the sector.

Key topics include:

  • Cost & complexities of touring post-Brexit
  • VAT on tickets
  • Sustainability – meeting net zero across the live music sector
  • Health & well-being across our diverse workforce
Make Tickets Fair!: the road to launch

Host: Sam Shemtob, FEAT (Europe)

Join Sam Shemtob from FEAT, the Face-value European Alliance for Ticketing, to discuss the ‘Make Tickets Fair!’ initiative — a forthcoming Europe-wide campaign aimed at educating and empowering live music fans to avoid being ripped off by unscrupulous ticket resellers. This is a great opportunity for any agent, promoter, venue, or artist to also learn about ticket resale best practice and new laws that will help stem ticket abuse.

IPM Lunch 1: Solutions & Budgets

Host: Okan Tombulca, eps (DE)

Meet Okan CEO of eps Holdings in a 60-minute chat about navigating rising production budgets and solutions that work for all parties.

IPM Lunch 2: Production Professionals Tuck In!

Host: Bill Leabody, Production Manager (UK)

Join legendary production manager Bill Leabody (Coldplay, Beyoncé, Jay Z, The Dixie Chicks) for a focussed conversation about touring solutions and production challenges.

Latin Live: Touring in Latin America

Host: Leizer Guss, OCESA (MX)

Join OCESA’s deputy director of international events, Liezer Guss, for a discussion about touring in the Latin markets.


Mark Davyd
Music Venue Trust (UK)
Lucy Noble
Saskhia Menendez
Diversity Ambassador (UK)
Helen Rabbitt
Jon Collins
Sam Shemtob
Okan Tombulca
eps international gmbh (DE)
Bill Leabody
Production Manager (UK)
Leizer Guss
Phil Rodriguez
Move Concerts (US)