Cyril Zajac

French entrepreneur and digital video expert Cyril Zajac is the founder of Omnilive, a company that aims to support artists, content producers, concert producers, and festivals in creating accessible, immersive, interactive, and profitable artistic formats using video technology.

With a presence in the fields of music, education, and sport, Cyril and his team at Omnilive have provided innovative solutions and alternatives during the Covid-19 pandemic, with their livestream concerts at venues such as the Olympia and the Scene Musicale, and at festivals. As a result of this work, Omnilive now supports platforms and artists in developing new online-ROI-oriented-monetisation-channels that are aligned with new digital usage trends and expectations.

In addition to his work with Omnilive, Cyril is also one of the co-founders of the Metal Social Club – the first business and networking club for metalheads and fans of extreme music.