Electro-pop group Delaporte’s career has experienced a stratospheric leap in terms of subject matter. Previous album Las Montañas [The Mountains] was an ode to freedom and self-improvement, while the project Titanas was a battle cry for feminism. Their new EP Abril [April] has a more earthly message transmitting the band’s most urgent feelings.

The album, produced and composed by Sandra Delaporte and Sergio Salvi and mastered by Santiago Quizhpe, is accompanied by a short movie entitled Abril: Hasta quedarnos rotos [April: Until we’re broken]. Directed by Martina Hache, it demonstrates the concept of the album as interpreted by the author. Abril includes three remixes by Van17ino6, L’Voix, and Oddliquo.

Presented by Mad Cool Festival, Comunidad de Madrid & The Spanish Wave