Dotun Bolaji

Dotun, an agent at Runway, joined the agency as it burgeoned out of the pandemic.

He began promoting club nights while studying to become a pharmacist at university. Promoting the likes of Giggs, DJ EZ, Section Boyz & AJ Tracey, drew back the often-elusive curtain around live music.

Back in his hometown of Watford, Dotun began promoting the live music showcase SuperLative allowing him to build a network of creatives. Fuelled to advocate for the often-underrepresented talent and sounds around him, Dotun spent time studying at Notting Hill Academy of Music.

A champion of music of Black origin, Dotun is working towards strengthening touring routes for artists within this space. Taking care of acts like Ivan Ave & Beatenberg, as well as newer artists such as Karl Benjamin, NeONE the Wonderer, Motive105, Xadi, Saina, & Beharie, Dotun is passionately working to bolster the economic ecosystem surrounding live music of Black origin, both within the UK and further afield.

With the aim of challenging narratives, Dotun is championing diverse sounds and the telling of diverse stories from the communities from which this music comes.