George Wood

George Wood is the founder of The Luna Cinema, the UK’s leading producer of open-air, pop-up and drive-in cinema events.  Luna has evolved in recent years to also produce themed experiences using TV and film IPs to create immersive and interactive events.

Coming from a background in theatre, George spotted an opportunity 15 years ago for presenting films in prestigious outdoor settings – where the location and ambiance is as important as the film itself.  Securing deals with the UK’s most iconic locations, everywhere from royal palaces to city-centre parks, The Luna Cinema expanded rapidly to now produce over 200 screenings each year.  During the pandemic, Luna turned its hand to drive-in cinema, creating the UK’s largest ever season of drive-in movies, with over 200,000 people through the doors.

In 2016, Luna developed an immersive touring event around the iconic TV series Friends.  Working with Warner Bros to create exact replica sets and backdrops, as well as a range of exclusive merchandise, the event sold over 650,000 tickets in the UK alone. The Friends Experience launched its European tour in Paris in November 2022, selling over 150,000 tickets.

In 2022, Luna also produced an award-winning run of Jurassic World: The Exhibition in London’s Excel, welcoming over 315,000 people across a five-month residency.

Luna is part of the Sony Masterworks Live division of companies and is currently working on a number of interactive and immersive experiences for the UK market and beyond.