Phil Rodriguez

Phil Rodriguez is CEO of Move Concerts, which is the biggest independent concert promoter in Latin America. With offices in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Peru, and Puerto Rico, besides its regional headquarters in Miami, Move Concerts has built the most extensive network in Latin America (excluding Mexico) with one main goal: to provide the best concert experience for the fans, artists ,and corporate clients.

Move Concerts is the final evolution of a journey that began in 1977 when Rodriguez formed Water Brother Productions, at a time when very few artists toured Latin America.

Water Brother Productions evolved into the Evenpro Group in 1999, creating strategic partnerships throughout the region, and expanding its footprint and core team. In 2014, Evenpro Group rebranded as Move Concerts.

Down the years, Rodriguez has been responsible for, or involved in, some of the most important, ground-breaking events in the region – from the Jackson 5 in 1977 to The Police’s first tour of the region in 1980; Rock in Rio from 1985 to date; and as the producer of the South American site of Live Earth in July 2007 for over 500,000 people in Copacabana Beach in Rio, along with many more milestones.