Sarah Olivier

Sarah Olivier, wildly free and so much more desirable than the banality of the norm. Incredibly expressive, even impressionistic, whimsical, unbridled, unusual, deep, playful. This untamable diva seems to exist in another dimension where her melodies and her colourful words take place according to her own fantasy.

With Vortex, her latest album, she continues to weave her non-conformist web. An album of interiority, intuition, instinct.

From it emerges an eco-friendly British rock, a state as exalted as it is contemplative, a feminist interior monologue, a troubled desire for height or the bites of a budding passion.

And her voice, of course, fluttering, lyrical, instrument of all possibilities.

There is no resistance to listening to this third album except to venture into it as far and as long as possible.

Presented by Ginger